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Organization Development

How could your organization be more effective?

As OD consultants we help leaders to align and integrate strategy, structure, processes, talent, rewards and metrics to produce the capability needed for results at the individual, group/team, and system/organization level. By looking with an organization wide lens we are able to help design solutions and experiences that impact ROI as well as an organization’s effectiveness and its health.

As experts in Change Management, we help develop the process, tools and techniques to manage the people side of change to achieve the required business results. We assist in helping to define or redefine the organization’s values and stated culture and then ensure that the behaviors and actions are integrated and aligned across all aspects of the talent management system (recruiting, onboarding, performance management, learning, reward systems, talent/succession planning). We advise organizations on proactively managing an ever increasing VUCA world: volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

Galbraith's STAR Model of Organization Design

Galbraith's STAR Model of Organization Design

“A problem is really just an opportunity to make things better.”

Organization Development Outcomes

  • Product and service quality
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Innovation
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Organizational flexibility
  • Change resilience and acceptance
  • Profits (cost reduction or revenue generation)
  • Job, work, and life satisfaction
  • Processes that are repeatable, scalable, customer-centric, data driven and in service of an outcome
  • Growth and global expansion
  • Simplification (reduce complexity)

Sample Areas that Benefit

  • Change management plan for a project or enterprise wide initiative
  • Creation or redesign of organization’s values and align across talent management life cycle
  • Large scale organization transformation, including pre- and post-merger acquisition integration
  • Design or Redesign Performance Management Systems end-to-end
  • Employee engagement and voice of employee (VOE) programs
  • Organization structures to optimize talent when critical skill sets are needed to achieve business growth strategy
  • Employee communications strategy
  • Aligning culture and subcultures toward overall corporate purpose
  • Strategic, Global Workforce Strategy

We help you focus on what’s most important and the results that matter most.

A Practical, Research-Based Approach

Certified in methods and assessments that provide you actionable insights for leadership and team building

Evidence Based Coaching

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The Birkman Method

Lominger/Korn Ferry Leadership Architect

Global Leader of the Future 360

Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP)

CustomInsight 360 & Engagement Survey

Prosci Change Management Certified

Stakeholder Centered Coaching


Workplace Big Five Profile

Lominger/Korn Ferry Voices® 360

CCL 360 Benchmarks (full suite all levels)

Enneagram for Individuals

Change Acceleration Process Certified

What Our Clients Say


Co-Founder & CEO, WePay

Kathy led our People function at a critical time during rapid growth - ultimately helping to guide WePay and our team towards a successful exit. She was a great partner on learning and development, organization design, compensation and many other areas.


General Manager, Amazon

As my executive coach, Kathy was an critical part of my success as I integrated into the company. She developed a customized integration plan which was effective at helping me to focus on the right things; to integrate into the culture; and to uncover some early data on me through 360-interviews with key stakeholders.


Marketing Executive,

Working with Kathy as my coach has helped me move my career to the next level. She's given me new tools to help me be a better listener, more strategic planner, and more powerful leader.


Head of User Growth and Analytics, Google

When I was hired into a management position at Google, Kathy was amazingly helpful at helping me get oriented into the company. But, even more importantly, she proactively worked with me to define what things I needed to do to be successful in the new role. I relied on her to help me with everything from thinking about the org structure to figuring out which relationships I needed to build in the company, to providing coaching. She has a structured way of thinking about complicated org and HR issues, and I'm grateful for her support.


Senior Executive, Sony Playstation

Kathy led our business partner managers, organizational/talent planning efforts. Kathy initiated new processes, integrated structure and adapted technology to assist our management teams to proactively manage our talent and map for the future without excessive time requirements. Kathy brings a wealth of experience, wisdom and take charge approach to create immediate positive change. Kathy will help any organization get more out of HR as a resources to drive business goals.